Career Journey

I have had the great pleasure of working alongside incredibly talented people during my career. Many are lifelong friends whose perspectives and experiences are priceless waypoints on my own journey.

Zenith Media
Contact Light
Saatchi & Saatchi
News Corp
Embark App by Contact Light

Lessons in Having A Go...

In 2015 I grabbed the opportunity to start a business from nothing. Using twenty-five years of experience and skills, my goal was to grow the idea into a flourishing venture for the team and our investors.

That company was Contact Light, and I'm very proud of the products we launched - Embark and Nearcast. They were fresh and innovative - built with passion and grit by a very talented team.

Contact Light may not have been the success we hoped for, but it was a collection of experiences and valuable lessons learned.

Patent: WO2017049345A1

Non-Executive & Advisory

I have made my own experiences and time available to several start-ups tackling real-world problems and exciting opportunities for large addressable markets.

24 Hour Business Plan

Helping businesses of all sizes develop robust growth plans that remove the gap between strategy and action.


The world's fastest online login and checkout platform.


Investing and Banking for Under 18s

Passions & Pursuits


I've had a passion for building and dismantling things since I was a child. Today, I build and sell products using no-code platforms such as Notion and Node-RED.

Via my consultancy, Wyoming Digital, I design and build telecommunication, data and cloud solutions for farmers and SMEs.


I find writing therapeutic, allowing me to convey thoughts and opinions on everything from Ad-Tech and the media to consumer electronics, automotive engineering and design


I'm a regular technology guest on Life & Technology - a nationally broadcast radio show on the Nine Radio network in Australia.

Additionally, I co-host theMarketing Commute Podcast with Andrew Baxter and Carmen Bekker in partnership with the University of Sydney Business School.

Curiosity for Technology

I've been fascinated by machinery and technology all my life. Thankfully, I've grown up through the most technologically transformative period in human history. The opportuntity to learn new skills and apply them to almost any challnge has never been greater. Here are some of my favourites that I use regularly.


Every business - large or small has a global marketplace for their good and services.

Data Analytics

The power to improve customer experience by deeply analysing customer experience.


Maximising the power of systems through interconnectivity.


Performing complex coding events via the simplicity and immediacy of visual trial & error.


Transforming industries and communities with the power of instantaneous communication.


Optimising labour forces and households with a single keystroke or voice command.


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